LyonsGate Practice Management offers a unique approach to the field of dental consulting. We know how difficult it can be to accomplish your practice goals. As a practicing dentist and business manager of a large multi doctor practice, we are aware of the challenges dentists face every day.

How do you provide your patients with excellent dentistry while maintaining a cohesive, motivated staff
  • How do you manage your marketing efforts-both internal and external?
  • How do you make sensible business decisions that are based on solid research and proven techniques?

These are all questions and issues dentists face on a daily basis and are always the reasons behind success and failure. Ask yourself how many hours you spent in dental school focused on management, marketing, and staff building. If you are like almost every other dentist in this country, the answer is virtually none. And yet, dentists are expected to be able to manage small businesses effectively and profitably. Allow us to coach you to grow your dental practice, show you how to attract more new patients and build a great team that will help to increase your dental practice's productivity and profitability.

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