Sleep Medicine in the Dental Office
Mark and Cynthia Levy can bring the exciting world of dental sleep medicine into your practice with their 2 day in-office seminar.  This seminar is designed to train you and your staff in both the clinical and administrative sides of the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.  This newer aspect to the general dental practice is fast becoming what the cosmetic boom was to the last decade.    
Treating sleep apnea in the dental office can be very rewarding because it is one of the most dangerous and increasingly diagnosed diseases in the United States today.. As of 2005, the Academy of Sleep Medicine has designated oral appliances as first line therapy for mild to moderate sleep apnea.  More dentists are finding that offering this treatment to their patient base has greatly expanded their clinical treatment options.
This 2 day seminar includes the following:
  • Protocol for all clinical aspects of dental sleep medicine
  • Training in the use of all instrumentation
  • Education in anatomic and physiologic background 
  • How to screen for sleep apnea in your patient base
  • All supporting documentation
  • How to work effectively with sleep physicians and sleep centers
  • Insurance processing for medical reimbursement
  • Guidance in becoming a Medicare provider for sleep only
  • Internal and external marketing for building the sleep practice
On the second day, we will walk you through actual cases with your patients. The fee for this seminar is separate from consulting fees.  It is inclusive of all of the above and as always, we come to your office.  Please call or email us for details.