What We Do

How We Work

  • Cynthia and Mark will develop a personal coaching liaison with you and your office and will visit your office for seminars and staff training every month.  We also have telephone meetings or email correspondence with you or your staff every 7-10 days.  We are always available for questions, feedback and direction when needed.  Our philosophies are not complex.  They are practical and results are achievable.   We are not married to "systems" but easily adapt our knowledge to what works best for you and what you may need from us.  We will work together to solve your individual management problems. We know that every office is unique but successful office share the same characteristics-they are focused, flexible and motivated to make the necessary changes.  

  • Compensation is on a month-to-month basis with no contract or obligation.  We come to you so that costs are kept to a minimum and there is no need to close your office for several days at a time or pay for travel expenses for staff.  

  • Most often, a one-hour no charge telephone consult will allow us to determine whether we can be of benefit to your practice.  Please call us today at 614-253-8805 or email us at lyonsgatepm@gmail.com to arrange a call.